Top 10 Muesli Benefits That Make It Crucial For A Healthy Diet

Monsoon Harvest Team
23 Aug , 2022

What Is Muesli?

Muesli, which is pronounced as Mews-li, is a protein and fiber rich breakfast option. It is prepared with raw rolled oats combined with various tasty and nutrient-rich ingredients. The ingredients of muesli are toasted whole oats, honey, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and wheat flakes. The nutrients available in muesli are magnesium, vitamins, iron, etc. 

Muesli comprises of oat bran which contains a oat fiber known as beta-glucan. Beta glucan helps in reducing cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, promoting weight loss, relieving constipation etc. 

The first meal of the day has to be the healthiest of all. After all, you are breaking your fast after at least 8-10 hours, and you need to give your body the right amount of nutrition. And when you want to take a balanced breakfast, what could be better than millet muesli?

Muesli Benefits To Your Health

  • Energy Throughout The Day
  • Muesli Is Diabetes Friendly
  • Healthy Breakfast Option During Pregnancy
  • Muesli Good¬†for Weight Loss
  • Helps In Constipation
  • Protect Heart From Diseases
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Rich In Antioxidants
  • Natural Immunity Booster

  • As the¬†health benefits of muesli are concerned, here are a few of the most prominent ones mentioned below:

    1. Energy Throughout The Day

    The basic ingredients of muesli cereal are wheat flakes, oats, nuts, and dried fruits, and consuming these can keep you energized for a long time. To consume muesli breakfast, you can either mix milk or yogurt with it. Apart from keeping you energized, the ingredients of muesli are also very good for your immune system.

    2. Muesli Is Diabetes Friendly

    You can easily find unsweetened muesli that you can pair with milk and consume. This is one of the best breakfast cereal for diabetic patients.

    3. Healthy Breakfast Option During Pregnancy

    For a healthy pregnancy, you need to eat balanced food. And eating muesli during pregnancy will provide you all the ingredients that you need to keep your baby growing properly. You can even choose to have the different types of millets muesli food from Wingreens Harvest.

    4. Muesli Good for Weight Loss

    Muesli cereals for weight loss is nothing unknown to any of us. However, you have to choose from the unsweetened muesli options that you can eat easily and which can help you in shedding kilos.

    5. Helps In Constipation

    The gluten free oats and wheat flakes in muesli are high in fiber. And fiber helps in regulating bowel movement.  As a result, if you often suffer from constipation, having muesli can be helpful.

    6. Protect Heart From Diseases

    Consuming muesli diet regularly can help in heart diseases since it contains soluble fiber. Dietary fiber helps in reducing LDL cholesterol by 10%. 

    7. Regulates Blood Pressure

    Muesli has ingredients that keep hypertension in check; thus, regulating blood pressure.

    8. Rich In Antioxidants

    Muesli contains various types of antioxidants, which helps the body fights against free radicals. It further helps in slowing down the aging process of the body.

    9. Natural Immunity Booster

    As you keep consuming all the required nutrients regularly, the immunity in your body will increase. It keeps you protected from seasonal cough and cold.

    Muesli Nutritional Value

    The nutrition value of muesli may vary from one flavor to another. However, usual nutritional value that you can find in 1 cup of muesli food is mentioned below.


























    One single cup of muesli carries 300 calories. Along with good amount carbohydrates, fibers and protein.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Is it  ok to eat muesli everyday?
    Ans: Yes, you can eat muesli regularly for your breakfast. It will improve your overall health and keep you full for a longer time.

    Q2. Does muesli increase weight?
    Ans: No, muesli does not increase weight usually. It rather helps in the process of weight loss.

    Q3. Is eating muesli good for weight loss?
    Ans: Muesli is absolutely a great option to add to your diet when you are on your weight loss journey. As you consume muesli everyday, and also follow a strict weight loss regime, you will be able to notice changes in your body accordingly. 

    Q4. Is muesli good for health?
    Ans: Muesli is good for health because it contains all the important nutrients such as protein, magnesium, potassium, fiber, sodium, carbohydrates, etc.

    Q5. How to eat muesli for weight loss?
    Ans: If you are eating muesli for weight loss, you have to soak it in milk, water, or juice. You can eat it cold. You can also heat milk or water and add muesli to it. Once it has cooled down a bit, you can eat it. However, make sure you maintain the portion size every time.

    Q6. What is muesli made of? 
    Ans: Muesli is made of seeds, nuts, grains, fresh or dried fruits, etc., while the main ingredient is oats.

    Q7. Is muesli good for diabetics?
    Ans: Muesli is good for people who are diabetic. It has lesser to no sugar and helps in regulating the sugar level in the body.

    Q8. Can I eat muesli at night?
    Ans: Yes you can eat muesli at night, provided you choose the right ingredients. Ensure your muesli has low-fat whole-grain cereal and you can mix plant-based milk or regular milk in it.

    Q9. How much muesli should I eat for breakfast?
    Ans: You should eat around 100g of muesli in your breakfast. You have to make sure that you add the right kind of ingredient to it.

    Q10. What does muesli contain?
    Ans: Muesli contains nuts, grains, seeds, and dried fruits. If you buy muesli from Wingreens Harvest, you can find cranberry, almond, fig, orange peel, etc. in them. You can try the options like Toasted Millet Muesli - Fig & Honey with Salted Pistachios; Toasted Millet Muesli - Roasted Cacao Bean & Raisin; Crunchy Muesli - Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, etc.

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