Types of Dry Fruits Name List in English And Hindi

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29 Aug , 2022


What Are Dry Fruits?

Dry fruits are basically dehydrated fruits and the moisture content is removed either naturally or through some specific method. In most cases, the fruits are sun-dried to take the moisture out of them. There are 20 different types of dry fruits available in the market and all of them come with high nutritional value. Let's talk about some of the most popular dry fruits and nuts and also discuss their benefits. Certain healthy dry fruits names that are nutrient dense and suggested by health experts are listed below.

List of Dry Fruits Names

  • Pistachios - Pista

  • Apricot - Khubani
  • Dates - Khajoor
  • Cashew - Kaju
  • Almonds - Badam
  • Walnuts - Akhrot
  • Raisins - Kismis
  • Hazelnuts - Pahadi Badam
  • Dry Figs - Anjeer
  • Prunes - Alubukhara
  • Dry Berries - Jamun
  • Fox Nuts - Makhana
  • Seeds - Beej


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    1. Pistachios - Pista

    It is one of the most popular dried fruits name that you will come across. The buttery and sweet taste of this dried fruit makes it one of the favorites of many of us. Apart from its taste and beautiful color, Pista is also known for its many health benefits. It is good for heart health, manages diabetes, and boosts blood circulation in the body. The kind of nutrients it contains are Carbs, Protein, Fat, and Fiber.

    Pistachios - Pista

    2. Apricot - Khubani

    Among all dry fruits, the Apricot also holds a special place.  It is one of the Indian dry fruits that come with a unique color. It is small in size and the taste is a bit on the tangier side. The nutrients that the dry fruit has are Protein, Carbs, Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, Fat, Fiber, etc. Apricots are good for the eyes and heart. It also keeps the skin stay hydrated and lessens wrinkles.

    3. Dates - Khajoor

    You can actually add dates to various type of dried fruit dishes. Dates are rich in iron, and you can have them just as they are or add them to your dessert. You can find seeded or seedless dates superfoods in the market, and both of them taste great. Dates come with several health benefits such as promoting brain health and managing sugar level in the body. The nutrients it has are carbs, sodium, protein, and fiber.

    Dates - Khajoor

    4. Cashew - Kaju

    Many people think these are nuts but these are actually seeds. The extremely tasty cashews are known for having many health benefits. They control sugar levels, promote weight loss, and boost heart health. The nutritional content of cashews includes protein, fats, fiber, copper, iron, and carbs.

    Cashew - Kaju

    5. Almonds - Badam

    Almonds can be consumed by people of all ages. You can roast them, or even soak them in water, or can even have them dry. Almonds are known for treating heart ailments, managing blood sugar levels, and boosting weight loss. The nutrients it has are calcium, fiber, protein, vitamin E, and magnesium.

    Almonds - Badam

    6. Walnuts - Akhrot

    Walnuts are single-seeded and resemble brains. Opening the outer and hard shell of the walnuts can be a little difficult. However, once it is open, you can add them to salads, shakes, and baked food items. Walnuts can be eaten by people of all ages, and if you have kids, you must offer them this wonderful dry fruit. Walnuts help in managing diabetes and the risks related to the condition. Walnuts also lessen the risks related to cancer and heart ailments. The nutrients it has are fiber, sugar, fat, protein, and carbs.

    Walnuts - Akhrot

    7. Raisins - Kismis

    Among the healthy dry fruits names, Raisins are often included. Popular called kishmish in India, raisins are naturally sweet dry fruits and are loaded with dietary fiber, fat, protein, various vitamins, and minerals. They help in better digestion of food and regulate blood pressure well.

    Raisins - Kismis

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    8. Hazelnuts - Pahadi Badam

    Hazelnuts are considered one of the best dry fruits. They are derived from Corylus tree and have various nutrients like vitamins, proteins, fats, and minerals. You can dry roast them or make a paste out of them. You can even mix hazelnut powder in your coffee and enjoy its unique flavor and aroma. Hazelnuts are often added to chocolates. Hazelnuts are good for heart health and even promote healthy bowel movements.

    9. Dry Figs - Anjeer

    This sweet dry fruit is known for its distinct taste and color. Those who have problems with their bone density must include figs in their diet. People who suffer from respiratory issues or have reproductive problems can also start having dry figs. The nutrients figs come with, include Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, protein, calcium, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, etc.

    10. Prunes - Alubukhara

    Prunes are filled with nutrients and are the perfect option for people who have a sweet tooth.  The nutrients they have are carbs, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and fiber. Prunes boost muscle and bone building and also help in managing cholesterol.

    11. Dry Berries - Jamun

    There are various types of dry berries that you will come across in the market. You can pick any of them. Dry berries help in boosting heart health, lessen the risk associated with diabetes type 2, and are even helpful in preventing several chronic diseases.

    12. Fox Nuts - Makhana

    You can eat them as a snack. Fox nuts, commonly called makhana in India, have been in use for their medicinal properties for ages. The multiple micronutrients in makhana will keep you healthy as well as active throughout the day. They are good for teeth and bone health and even reduce issues related to kidneys. The nutrients they have are dietary fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, etc.

    13. Seeds - Beej

    You can even go for seeds of dry fruits to get the best of their nutrition. Some of the best seeds are chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and pumpkins. These seeds are known for managing cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

    You can have these mixed nuts, berries & seeds regularly to get the best results. However, start with small quantities and avoid the ones that do not suit you.

    Healthy Nuts and Seeds Bars in India


    Different Types of Dry Fruits Name In English / Hindi

    Here are some names of common dried fruit list for you and your family: 
















    पहाड़ी बादाम

    Dry figs




    Dry berries


    Fox nuts





    Healthy Nuts and Seeds Bars in India



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    All Dry Fruits List FAQs

    1. How many dry fruits are there?
    Ans: There are more than 20 types of dry fruits, such as walnuts, almonds, raisins, cashews, pistachios, prunes, dates, berries, anjeer, etc.

    2. How much dry fruits to eat in a day?
    Ans: You should not exceed more than 20g of dry fruit consumption in a day.

    3. Which dry fruit is best for weight gain?
    Ans: Some of the dry fruits that are best for weight gain are figs, dates, prunes, sultanas, apricots, currants, and raisins.

    4. Which dry fruit is best for weight loss?
    Ans: The dry fruits that can help you in your weight loss journey are almonds, cashews, berries, etc.

    5. Which dry fruit is good for health?
    Ans: Almost all dry fruits are good for health. However, some of them that you can include regularly in your diet are hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, etc.

    6. Which dry fruit is good for diabetes?
    Ans:  The dry fruits that are perfect for managing diabetes are apricots, dates, raisins, and sultanas.

    7. Which dry fruit is good for the skin?
    Ans: Almonds are considered to be very good for the skin. Having almonds regularly can help you get glowing skin. For skin elasticity, you can have berries.

    8. Can we eat dry fruits during fasting? 
    Ans: Having dry fruits while fasting is an excellent idea. You will not feel low in energy and the dry fruits will contribute a lot to your health.

    9. Can we eat dry fruits at night?
    Ans: Having dry fruits at night, especially before going to bed is not a good idea. They can keep you energized for a long time and you may struggle to get a good night's sleep.

    10. Which dry fruit is good for hair?
    Ans: If lustrous and thick hair is what you want, you can have almonds and walnuts regularly.

    Healthy Nuts and Seeds Bars in India



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