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Gluten Free Instant Oats 500 g

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Instant oats are also known as quick oats, are a great source of soluble fiber which provide healthy digestion and keeps you energised and active. Gluten free Instant oats have to be cooked with either water or milk to make creamy quick oats cereal and top with your desired fruit, nuts, and sweetener to make a wholesome and fibre rich oats breakfast.

Wingreens Harvest instant oats are 100% natural & have no added sugar. This instant oatmeal is best for easy healthy breakfast ideas such as a creamy bowl of instant porridge cereal.

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Our rolled oats are highly nutritious as they are high and protein-rich. The oats are known to reduce blood pressure & cholesterol and has a low glycemic index.
Quick cooking oats
Processed in a facility which handles Nuts, Seeds and Grains containing Gluten